As a faith community, St. Cecilia School and Academy sees that our vision is to provide an atmosphere in which each child can develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. In order to accomplish our Vision, St. Cecilia is committed to:

  • Stressing rigorous academic programs
  • Serving racially and economically diverse families
  • Incorporating educational best practices
  • Participating in personal, group and liturgical prayer
  • Encouraging children to be thoughtful, creative, and industrious in pursuing knowledge
  • Offering support and opportunities to succeed in high school and college
  • Partnering with students and families who are dedicated to working hard
  • Serving our neighbors in the community
  • Implementing liberating and empowering learning experiences
  • Creating lifelong learners
  • Fostering responsible citizenship
  • Fulfilling the Nativity Miguel school model, which includes an extended day and year

We believe that each student is capable of learning and that students can excel in academics and in life regardless of societal influences, socioeconomic status or race/ethnic background. We strive to help each child grow as a well-integrated person, able to assume an active role in the church and in the world as people who love God, their neighbors, and themselves.